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Monday, December 6, 2010

Windows Live Mail: Tweak: How to minimize Windows live mail to Taskbar.

           This tweak is used to get windows live mail icon in task bar. When windows live mail is minimized it automatic minimize to system tray instead of task bar, if you want to have your minimized windows live mail into task bar follow below tweak.

Note: This tweak only works in laptops.

1. Open windows live mail and right-click on its system tray icon and select "Hide window when Inbox is minimized" option.

2. Now minimize windows live mail and it'll move to System Tray and there will be no button of windows live mail in task bar.

3. Now close the lid and again open it.

4. you'll get windows live mail in task bar again even you minimized it to System tray.

These steps works on windows Xp and Windows 7


Does keeping this icon in system tray reduce the system performance?

In Windows 7 We can directly pin Windows Live Mail to Taskbar.

No, its tweak for keeping WLM tab in taskbar for ALT+TAB navigation..

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